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Preventable injuries are the leading causes of death for children under 14

  Preventable injuries are the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14.
Many people are unaware that 80 percent of car seats are not properly installed, nor do they realize that fastening a seatbelt or wearing a bike helmet can mean the difference between life and death for a child.
This is the reason JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION was created in the 1990s. To prevent brain injuries to children.

    We sponsor the "Heads in Helmets" where we give away FREE helmets.
Since the 1990s we have put helmets on kids at NO COSTS to the family = Free.

    We do this to promote safety and to save lives.
It is a great cause, and lots of fun!

     Our main goal is to get children wearing helmets. To do that we have to show them that helmets are cool!
As the parent places the child in a car safety seat or even a booster seat…they only need to ask simple questions to make it fun:

 Who do you want to be today?
 A race car driver?
 A Karate girl in the Olympics?

    Kids love to imagine that they are a sports figure or athlete or other person who they admire. We just need to encourage that natural tendency to use their imagination.

Making the helmet MORE attractive to them can be as simple as adding stickers or painting on the helmet.

Financially The Justice For Children Foundation is simple; dollars in, helmets out. No overhead, no rent.

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